Rökona manufactures top-quality technical textiles. I’m very interested in technical work, so you can tell that I enjoy my job. Our responsibilities are very diverse and there are always new challenges to be met. Rökona also supports its employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance by offering services such as a kindergarten as well as various leisure and sports groups.
I’ve been with rökona since 2008 and I really like working here. The working environment, the atmosphere and my colleagues are great. My superiors are always open to questions and suggestions. I have gained a lot of experience in finishing and fabric inspection. I couldn’t be happier with my job.
Rökona has a good image and is known as a family-friendly business that is committed to equal opportunities, which has earned rökona a number of awards and even a visit from former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder. This makes me proud to work at this company. I like that Rökona has its own kindergarten and offers holiday care for school children. I know that rökona also supports social projects like the Whitsun camp “stadt der Kinder” [city of children]. I think that’s great. I appreciate the flexible work schedule and the further training opportunities. “Start” enables you to contribute ideas and suggestions.

Corporate culture and family-friendly staffing policy serve as the foundation for sustainable operations. Alongside an in-house day-care centre, Rökona offers a wide variety of part-time solutions and home-office opportunities. For us, the key to success is first and foremost the happiness of our employees. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an integral part of this philosophy.
Rökona and its parent company have been honoured for their pro-family policy with several awards by the Federal Government and the States, including the audit berufundfamilie Certificate, the TOTA L E-Quality title and the “Great Place to Work” title. Not only the in-house day-care centre, established as early as 1971, but also the numerous flexible working models are an integral part of the staffing policy.

Sustainability also plays a major role in the production chain. For example, Rökona has recently become a bluesign® system partner. The categorisation of the textile supply chain and the elimination of high-risk substances are a major focus, but the responsible handling of resources is also an important element of corporate philosophy. Energy recovery is considered just as essential as the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.
But sustainability also plays a major role in daily business operations, which is why a heat recovery system is used to generate heating energy from waste water. Additionally, there are plans to introduce cogeneration of heat and power for energy production.