Entrepreneurial responsibility goes far beyond daily business operations. Rather, it is about using a solid corporate culture as the foundation for collectively building and maintaining long-termpartnerships with dedicated staff to be successful together. This kind of corporate culture cannot be bought. You have to live it every day and develop it further.
Our business concept is based on four pillars: commitment to service, innovative capacity, reliability and flexibility. We consider it our responsibility to meet this challenge and make it the consistent focus of our operations.

› Diversity
4 business sectors for various requirements.
› Be a partner:
For us, the customers are at the centre of our attention.
› Be reliable:
We do not abandon our partners.

› Guarantee our quality:
Quality is of utmost importance in every field.
› Develop the capacity for innovation:
We continuously invest in research and development.
› Achieve security and growth:
Thanks to equity capital we can look successfully towards the future.

› Develop and qualify employees:
Permanent support and training for our employees.
› Promote the compatibility of work and family:
Can be realised through our family-friendly staff policy.
› Define our goals together:
Be successful together.
› Information exchange:
Open-mindedness and sincerity in the exchange of information between departments

› Cooperate in a considerate and friendly way:
Together we are strong.
› Assume your own responsibility:
Everyone can participate in shaping the future.
› Improve continuously:
Permanent approach to the ideal and perfection.

› Define and achieve goals:
Becoming the leader in the market through achieving our goals concerning turnover and return.
› Think and act globally:
We are open-minded and are a part of the global market that is our platform.

› Develop innovative products and surfaces
We revolutionise the technical textiles market.
› Adapt processes and infrastructures:
We are flexible, adaptable and are not afraid of change.